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Hi! I am Batjaa

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I enjoy developing applications that delights the user and solves specific problems. Advanced skills honed in Web Development, Object Oriented Programming languages and related technologies. Experienced in managing and executing full Software Development Life Cycle, from requirements gathering and conceptual design through development, enhancement, and maintenance.

Demonstrate superior analysis, architecting design patterns, coding, and debugging skills; able to rapidly adapt to new technical environments. Outstanding research, communication skills; interfaces effectively with upper managers, staff, peers and clients.

Published several researches during my first master program:
– Using optical mouse for coordinating a robot
– GPS taxi dispatching system for traffic analysis
– Cost research on building an on-site Grid cluster
– MB Portfolio Software: Optimal Portfolio Selection According to The Behavioral Finance

I’m very interested in technologies and like keeping that CI tests green.



  • Quartzy, Inc Software Engineer

    June 2015 - Present

    • Separated and rebuilt the frontend application in EmberJS for
    • Developing end to end features that expands through multiple internal products communicating through RPC.
    • Maintains and integrates 3rd party tools and platforms for sales and marketing teams.
    • Redesigned client managing admin panel application while working and managing contractors.
    • Rebuilt the internal catalog uploading module to allow big files to be uploaded which helped the data analysis team to not be depended on engineers.
    • Implemented automated opportunity stage updates that saved the sales team 10 hours a week.
    • Implemented automated promotion worker that saved 5 hours a week for the marketing team.

  • Fieldbook, Inc Product Software Engineer

    January 2015 - June 2015

    • Responsible for product development, including implementing requested features and fixing bugs.

    • Fixed several bugs which were causing double requests to be sent and cut down load time by 2x.

    • Successfully implemented a worker node for processing sheets offline removed several timeout exceptions.

    • Improved test stability which had become a headache for shipment by combining several promise libraries and refactoring realtime test code.

  • Orbit Systems, Inc Consultant / JPMorgan Chase – Full Stack Developer

    July 2014 - December 2014

    • Developed a cross-browser compatible Project Management Web application.
    • 5x faster than the previous version and has a more friendly user interface with great user experience in mind.
    • Using JEE, Spring framework and Hibernate with Oracle Database in backend
    • Supports real-time updates using WebSockets.

  • Self-Employed

    • Designed, developed, and deployed a nationwide Railway Monitoring system using C#, providing efficient solution to share workspace between server-client and data manipulation for better storage.
    • Designed and developed a Loan management system using C# which supports multiple companies loans and different asset types.
    • Designed and developed a stock trading platform in C# while handling full stock portfolio management and numerous calculations of stock market indicators. It uses Java web crawler for tracking stock price.
    • Created innovative web crawler using Java for finding emails in Mongolian web pages, including design of image recognition algorithm for emails in image format. Formulated solutions to surmount cookies and session.
    • Developed an algorithm for vehicle tracking system using Java, gives precise time, route to destination and order of pick-up based on collected statistical data.
    • Acknowledged for developing and launching numerous web pages using Joomla and Wordpress websites.



    Mongolian University of Science and Technology Thesis: Grid Computing Infrastructure Cost

    GPA: 3.80


    Mongolian University of Science and Technology

    Graduated with Honors, President of Student IT Club

    GPA: 3.82


  • I am familiar with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java and C#.

  • I am a native speaker of Mongolian. I can speak English and German fluently.

Honors and Awards



    Excellence Scholarship

  • 2011 GOLOMT BANK

    Excellence Scholarship


    Excellence Scholarship


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+1 804 505 0615

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